What’s it all about?

In 2012 I started a journey through Central and South America. Prior to setting off I spent 18 months setting up links with a children’s charity in each of the 11 countries I planned to travel. The idea was simple: Travel and volunteer. I myself was adopted at the age of five and so the desire to improve the lives of children is one which is close to my heart. That idea has now grown into a project that has two children in our child sponsorship program in Oaxaca, Mexico, sends monthly funding to cover costs of anything from  HIV medication to clothing and more in Belize and has purchased educational tools in Honduras to name just a few. This all down to your generous support.

The first leg of the trip (Mexico to Honduras) was over 6000kms on atv, before switching to canoe and finally the one which was calling me all along, 12 months and 4000 miles on horseback from Colombia to Peru, which in a way is where the story began.


Now back in the UK preparing for the next leg, I am enjoying seeing the hard work and the support that you have given have a positive effect on lives around the world. The organisations I work with are fantastic, no agenda, just providing a chance to those in need and doing their best to have only a beneficial impact on the communities they serve.

Anyone wishing to get involved please check out the “get involved” page. I would love to hear from you.




1 thought on “What’s it all about?

  1. Hey Marc! I have been emailing with CuChullaine from the Long Riders Guild and he let me know about your journey. It seems like you are in a rough spot right now. I hope you can make it through and achieve your goal! I am planning my own trip across the US. I’m sure it is so much harder than what I think it will be. But it’s trips like yours that inspire me and I know that these trips are important to people! There isn’t much adventure in the world anymore that isn’t planned and corporate. I think seeing someone overcome a struggle like this helps the world. I know it helps me because I have been imagining how I will feel being out there all alone and wondering what the hell I am doing putting myself in a situation like this. But knowing what others have overcome and knowing there are people supporting you from afar will hopefully give strength. I’m wishing you good luck and safety. I love the bond between you and your horse! Email me if you want to!
    Be Well!!!!



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