“a life to which I feel myself a stranger.” -Swiss Long Rider Ella Maillart

Several months ago I returned home, to my loving family whom have been there with me every step of this journey. Still, months later it does not feel real. Taking in what happened and feeling out of place in my home town. It can be hard to process the changes that occur, not only within but the advances in the “civilised world” wifi, fingerprint recognition, smart phones, faster connections and no, I am not on snapchat. A lot can change in four years. Life seemed a lot more simple out on the road ….. however, I am not missing the chicken soup.


Red, my horse, I am reliably informed is doing well, I wake every morning thinking of him, sometimes still disorientated enough that I jump up shouting his name, looking for him. He is safe and healthy with the wonderful family I got to spend time with in Ecuador, here he gets to rest and work with the riding school, getting ready for when we carry on where we left off.IMG_0170

Now back in England I have been enjoying speaking to all of the volunteer projects I spent time with from Mexico to Peru and have had the pleasure of sending out funding to these awesome projects.

Several weeks ago we welcomed Jennifer (aged 13) and Emmanuel (aged 7) into our child sponsorship program. Jennifer and Emmanuel are with our fantastic partner organisation Centro de Esperanza Infantil A. C.- Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots In Oaxaca, Mexico. I have just written to them explaining how their sponsorship is possible – because of you. I will be sure to let you know when I receive a response. Also we were able to support a fantastic educational program run by Honduras Child Alliance. With a $500 donation we were able to provide 10 Kindles after hearing this from their dedicated Executive Director “We now are able to get all sorts of books for free or low cost and when we register the Kindles, it means that books are shared on all of the devices and children are able to have a reading group and all be looking at a copy of the same book.  The Kindle-Fires also allow internet access and so we are playing some educational games as well!”

Volunteering with Honduras Children Alliance


Next we will turn our attention to Belize and Colombia seeing how best to support these other two incredible organisations. Organisations which make a real difference in young people lives. No agenda, no pretense, just caring people. Exactly what it is all about.On that note I would also like to thank you again. The support that we received throughout our journey was the most humbling experience I have ever felt. You helped make the journey possible for which I am eternally thankful.

Over the next few weeks we shall continue to send out funding to these great organisations. We also are offering something quite unique. A FREE volunteer placement service. No charges, no fees. What we are hoping to achieve is to build a large, skilled volunteer base. People who wish to lend their time to help others less fortunate. All you need do is visit out “how you can get involved” page and we will help finding a placement for you. Already we are making a difference, my hope is that this can continue.

Thank you for reading,


3 thoughts on ““a life to which I feel myself a stranger.” -Swiss Long Rider Ella Maillart

  1. Thanks so much for your help at Honduras Child Alliance! We truly appreciate the kindles and are in awe of your efforts to help programs from thru-out your journey. It feels as though your journey continues even though you have returned home. – – – Muchas gracias!

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