One more adventure with an old friend – Part 2 – Fill your boots

Hard to believe what has happened over the last 9 months. Just myself and this incredible horse of mine on an adventure that I had dreamt of for as long as I can remember. If this is what it feels like to realise a dream, get out there. It will have you dancing alone atop a mountain, breaking down in tears of hardship and joy, realising your capabilities, after all, what is a life in which you don’t know of what you are truly capable.


Red, not sure where to start with this incredible horse, he has achieved a feat that only a handful of horses in the world can boast, and solo. A true legend in the horse world. Having covered over 6000kms taking us from Northern Colombia, through Ecuador and on to the border of Peru. Overcoming several injuries, traversing the Andes, passing through a section of the Amazon and he is still petrified of sheep! the difference in his character and condition incredible, below you can see the difference in him from day 1 and to now.


It is hard to explain the connection you build, a bond so strong that you don’t think twice to run in front of a charging bull to protect, will spend your last dollar on vets bills, sleep curled close to one another for warmth when at 3600m up in the mountains. Saying goodbye was never going to be possible.


Finding a deserving resting spot for Red has been a high priority for a long time which is why I was so happy to have happened upon EL Picadero. How I found this place is a story in itself that I will come back to. But here in a small village, I found the perfect spot for my friend …… I say resting spot as there will be another chapter. El Picadero is a beautiful riding school near Latacunga back towards the North of Ecuador. Run by an incredible Swiss/Ecuadorian family where I could be sure Red would receive the best quality of care.


Having reached the limit of Ecuador and knowing the difficulties of passing borders on horseback this was where this chapter together was to end. Not wanting to risk being unable to return him to Ecuador and El Picadero we loaded up. Red is not accustomed to being transported and so I travelled the several hours in the back of the truck with him, seeing the hundreds of miles we had passed together over weeks and weeks disappear in moments. Realising again just how fortunate I have been to travel the way I did. The doors it opened and the lessons I have learnt will change me for ever. For the better or worse I will wait to see. And so, frozen faced we arrived back into the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador, not without one last finale.


Volcan Cotopaxi – which I rode over just 7 weeks prior, having been dormant for over 140 years suddenly woke, throwing ash hundreds of miles, dispersing and rendering homeless thousands of people who live in the area that would be affected were it to fully errupt. Not being newsworthy like the rantings of a buffoon running for election is hard to find out any information but I gather the activity is heightening and my thoughts are with those affected.


The farm where Red is now is in a safe zone, the picture below is from 5 minutes after we arrived and he was back with herd. Welcomed to whinies from the other horses I can feel happy that thanks to your help in paying for the transport he is in a good place, for this I cannot thank you all enough. What was used to transport him back I will match and put into the pot of funds raised for the charities involved now that I will be returning to work.


I am truly humbled by your support throughout this journey, hard to find words that convey just how much it has meant. The donations, the kind messages that keep you going, the friends and family out there, and people who I have never met thank you, thank you so very much. This is where Red and I take a break, Red to rest, for me back to world. 9 months, 6000kms, 3 countries, 1 incredible horse. Having trouble processing right now to be honest. leaving my horse behind is one of the most heart wrenching moments of my life, I still well up looking at a photo, or even just having a passing thought and am not ashamed to say so.


I have lined up a few events and fundraisers, with a chance to see previously unseen footage recorded throughout this trip and a few other surprises. The final event taking place mid December after which all funds raised for the charities with whom I volunteered throughout this trip will be sent out – just in time for Christmas. Details to follow but now looking forward to spending some time with the family, being an Uncle to my awesome Niece and Nephew and eating …….. and eating!

Thank you for reading and as I was once told – Fill your boots, below are a just a few of my favorite photos from this journey. Thank you for being with us throughout.




Imagen 003

Imagen 010























3 thoughts on “One more adventure with an old friend – Part 2 – Fill your boots

  1. Was just about to go to bed when your email came through and now I am in tears! But partly with relief, that you are safe and well but also been hanging on to know about Red. So glad he is with other horses and being cared for. I am in awe of what you have accomplished and you can be justifiably proud of yourself. I do hope we will be able to see you before too long but appreciate you have a lot of catching up to do. Well done, Marc, and thank you for letting us follow your journey. It’s been inspiring and has led me to make changes in my own life. Enjoy your well-earned break 🙂


  2. I am so glad, relieved and happy to hear you have safely completed your brave, challenging and life changing journey. I admire you, and your life philisophy so much Marc. Its wonderful Red, your friend and companion during all your joys and trials on this journey, has so happily arrived with his new herd. No doubt you are very happy to be reunited with your parents. The photos from Cathy are very enthrslling. Well done Marc …. For your help forbthe charities … And your enthralling posts. All love and best wishes. Maria xxxxxxxx


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