Cautious optimism

Without tempting fate Red seems to be on the mend and we can eye up the trail ahead. Getting away from it all again as we plan to head further towards Peru.


My time volunteering is coming to an end and although as always it is hard to leave another group of amazing children am extremely happy and proud to be associated with such an awesome project. Also feeling privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know them and to know that the money raised through fundraising has found another deserving home. The time here has had it highs and lows, the experience teaching incredible, the injuries to Red tough.


Watching as a young man with use of only one hand has a bow strapped on before beautifully playing the violin, being part of helping the first generation in a family learn to read. This is exactly the kind of project I had hoped to encounter when organising this trip back in 2009. Projects making a real impact on lives through education and care.


Red’s recovery was being hindered by the intense cold, something to do with the start of winter 4000m up in the Andes! After a lot of sleepless nights, round the clock care, even the kind family who run the volunteer project helping out by relieving me for enough time to shower and eat, we are seeing some progress. Once strong enough I took the decision 2 days ago to transport him to a lower altitude to complete his treatment. Only 34kms west and dropping down 5000ft the difference is incredible. Riding in the back of the truck to support him could see the life come back into the eyes as felt sunshine for the first time in weeks. Knowing what lays ahead I am making sure he is 100% before heading off as the next section will have very limited opportunities for help.


All being well we shall be moving by the weekend. The already minimal equipment has been further reduced, now down to just a few pounds in order to allow more food supplies as we head through the mountains.


As before a HUGE thank you for reading, your support of the volunteer projects, keeping us moving with the “buy a bale” donations which were invaluable help with recent medicine costs, and your messages. I hope to be writing to you again sometime in the next few weeks.


1 thought on “Cautious optimism

  1. You went and did it this time, you made me cry! All the best Marc, hope you and Red have a quiet and healing journey.


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